Who are we?

Resourceful and creative, chef and cake designer, reserve and animated, these were the adjectives to describe my loving parents. My Father and my mother owned and operated “JimboJean” for 21 years. My mother owned and operated “Remarkable Events” for 26 years, a floral design and event company. Every day I am thankful for my educational experience into the world of entrepreneurship and business.
I am a creator, and beautician of the dinner table. I love all things flowers and food! Through years of working within the food and floral industry, I’ve decided to break some rules while creating my own; I love color and thrive in beauty that challenges societal norms! I love to dream and create palettes that scream abundance! Whata Gwan! My name is Nichole! I am the owner of Rooted in Culture! Rooted in Culture was created in 2018 after leaving a managerial position in the flower industry. I learned a lot from my peers and entrepreneurial parents in both industries, who weren’t afraid to create their own narratives as Jamaican immigrants. While I can sit here and brag about whom, and where I have worked, I think what is important is that I know my shit! My goal is to surround you with beauty, while feeding your stomachs, and souls!

Our Team

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Nichole Frazer

Founder & Creative Director

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Vonne Williams

Event Manager

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Matthew Casillas

Event Operations

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Tracy LaGuerre